Lauren Fielder, B.S.

CIP National Office Lee, Massachusetts

Autism Program Staff Headshot

Lauren Fielder, B.S.

Lauren has worked in the fields of sales and event management for over a decade, managing teams for several emerging brands in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. Her wide-ranging skill set has enabled Lauren to excel in a variety of roles including wedding and corporate event planning, non-profit fundraising, and account management.

As National Admissions Manager at CIP, Lauren provides support to the admissions teams by training, coaching and achieving individual and team goals. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University. She is passionate for helping others and stays active within the LD community. Lauren is a member of both the Autism Asperger’s Network (AANE) and Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA).

In her time outside of working at CIP, you can find her tending to her garden, practicing yoga, or hiking the local trails with her two dogs, family and friends.

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