Kristin Lamb, BCET

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Kristin Lamb, BCET

Kristin Lamb has worked in the field of Autism and Learning Differences for 13 years as a Special Education teacher, Admissions Director, Executive Function Coach and Educational Therapist.

As an Assistant Program Director at CIP, Kristin helps to keep the foundation of the Berkeley Center running smoothly while focusing on supporting the young men and women at CIP by recognizing their strengths and pursuing their passions in a supportive and collaborative environment. She has found success developing international travel programs for high school students with Autism by creating diverse curriculum to teach executive function, social skills and independent living skills in preparation for travel. She has also led incoming families through the admissions process and worked to create an on-boarding program for incoming high school students that focused on learning to be an engaged and self directed learner. Empowering students and giving them the tools necessary to advocate for themselves is a core value Kristin strives to achieve in all aspects of her professional life.

Working with a strong team is something Kristin looks for in an organization. Collaboration and learning from colleagues is often her sought after approach and in her opinion is a key feature of a good leader. She looks forward to continuing her professional growth from the team at the Berkeley Center and collaborating with the young men, women and their families to meet their individual needs.

Kristin has earned a Special Education Credential from Brandman University in Walnut Creek, California. Kristin also holds a Board Certified Educational Therapy Certificate from UC Riverside and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

When she’s not working, you can find her in her garden, riding her bike throughout the East Bay or kayaking and traveling to distant and exciting places.

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