Joseph Sylvers

CIP Long Beach Long Beach, California

Joseph Sylvers

Joseph Sylvers joined the College Internship Program in 2013 and worked as a social skills instructor, job coach, in-class academic aid, and multiple times as team leader in the Summer Beyond High School program. He now assists students with their residential goals as a full-time Life Skills Coach in the Life Skills Wellness team.

As a Life Skills Coach Joseph has developed curriculum for residential programming like culinary and maintenance support as well as social and community integration through weekend activities. Joseph assists students with developing independent living skills like meal planning, preparation, health and nutrition as well as executive functioning skills like cleaning, organization, event planning, personal hygiene, and self-regulation in public spaces. Joseph has also worked at multiple College Internship Program locations supporting College Internship Program Berkley’s Summer program in 2016.

Joseph studied English and Child Development at California State Northridge in 2008 and was attracted to the field by personal experiences growing up in a family with learning differences and disabilities, and working with youth as a tutor and personal care-giver. Joseph is an avid learner and plans to continue his academic career in Special Education at California State Dominguez Hills.

In his free time he is also a visual artist, who enjoys film, literature, hiking, and kayaking.

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