Joanne Taylor, Ph.D.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Joanne Taylor, Ph.D.

Joanne is the Career Coordinator at CIP Berkeley. Joanne comes to CIP with over a decade of teaching at the college level. Her course covered Film Studies, Business Communication, College Writing, and, her favorite, Zombies. Joanne earned a PhD from UC Berkeley in Performance Studies with a concentration in Film Studies–her doctoral dissertation covered, you guessed it, zombie cinema. She also holds a BA from UC Berkeley with majors in English (Shakespeare) and Music (Opera).

As a professor, Joanne took a cue from her special educator mother, and made it point to value and scaffold her courses appropriately. Having been actively involved in her children’s elementary schools, Joanne furthered her experiences and appreciation with a diverse student body, and as such continued to build a great appreciation for the diverse ways of being in this world, of learning, and of expressing learning.

Joanne has lived in the East Bay for over 26 years, it is truly home. She continues her passion for good wine and food by helping at the local, independently owned wine shop Solano Cellars/Vintage Berkeley. She has three children: a 15yo sophomore at Berkeley High, who was recently diagnosed with ASD; a 12yo nonbinary spitfire of a cosplayer at Longfellow Middle School in Berkeley; and a lively 10yo daughter at Sunset Elementary School in SF, who also learns outside the norm.

When not working with the amazing students and staff at CIP, or hanging out with her fiery gaggle of children, Joanne continues her passion for all things zombie, David Bowie, Shakespeare, opera, and wine.

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