Ivianna Law, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Ivianna Law, B.A.

Ivianna has worked in the field of Special Education for 2 years as an Educational Specialist. She previously found success working with/for in education as a tutor and focuses on student success in education and their academics.

As a Life Skills Coach at CIP, Ivianna helps student develop skills and expand their tool kit as they transition into adulthood by/through focuses on social and emotional growth and real life experiences. Ivianna has earned 2 Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. She is currently finishing her Master of Education with an emphasis in Special Education.

When she’s not roller skating, you can find her reading a book in nature or on a hike.

Headshot of Ivianna Law Social Skills Coach for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences
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