Ian Quinn

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Ian Quinn

Ian studies International Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington and has worked for 3 years as a martial arts instructor, and as a speech and debate consultant. He generated positive change by working to support students confronting heavy challenges in competitive events concerning both public speaking and martial arts choreography by systematically desensitizing them to the pressures and sensations of performing in front of an audience.

As a life skills coach at CIP, Ian works to sharpen the tools the people at CIP will use to take on challenges by pushing people to take on new obstacles, tracking their progress, and discussing their goals as well as the many routes to reach them. Moreover, Ian stays as open as possible to communication to ensure that every student is provided the opportunity to readjust their challenges and boundaries as needed.

When he’s not working together with students at CIP, you can find him kickboxing at Wolverine Fight Systems, or reading about Global Development in the local coffee shop.


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