Gabrielle Maldonado, M.A.

CIP Long Beach Long Beach, California

Gabrielle Maldonado, M.A.

Gabrielle Maldonado has worked in the field of education for 6+ years as a teacher, adjunct professor, advisor, and other supportive positions in the realm of academia.

She previously found success working with young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or Learning Differences by incorporating the arts, personal uniqueness, and authenticity with student’s general scope of themselves and the world. Her overall goal is to see young adults develop into inspiring, self reliant individuals who use their special way of thinking to better themselves and the community.

As an advisor at CIP, Gabrielle helps young adults gain confidence, higher levels of self advocacy, and a greater sense of independence by highlighting positive change and other accomplishments both big and small with varying personalized supports.

Gabrielle has earned her Master’s degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. She has also received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in music from California State University, Long Beach with honors. In addition, Gabrielle has studied therapeutic practices that include Music Therapy where she has regularly worked with children of different ages on the spectrum to refine interpersonal and motor skills.

When she is not working as an advisor, you can find her singing, playing the piano, or attending sports events.

Gabrielle Maldonado, M.A.
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