Erin Brown, B.S.

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Erin Brown, B.S.

Erin has worked in the field of autism since graduation from Indiana University in 2017. She previously found success working for a small school corporation in Southern Indiana as a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant. Here, she worked with students aged 3 – 21. In working with the adult-aged population, she recognized a passion for working with this particular demographic.

As the Head Student Advisor at CIP, Erin assists students along their Continuum of Growth while assisting with goal creation and execution, parent communication, and teaching broader executive functioning skills such as organization, prioritization, time management, and self awareness. Erin facilitates students’ path towards independence by fostering communication, establishing goals, and monitoring progress. Additionally, Erin leads the Bloomington center’s advisors to ensure that all students are working to accomplish their goals. Erin coordinates within the CIP Bloomington team to determine appropriate, individualized supports for each student. Erin also teaches curriculum surrounding money management, safety, personal responsibilities, accessing resources, self organization, decision making, problem solving, reframing, and self advocacy. Erin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

When she’s not working with students, you can find her spending time with her husband and her Golden Retriever, Penny. She enjoys trying new restaurants in Bloomington, going to concerts, and embroidery.

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