Cordelia J. Harlow, A.S.

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Cordelia J. Harlow, A.S.

Cordelia Harlow has worked in the field of youth and family services for three years. In this field, she worked as a Residential Specialist and Residential Coordinator for Monroe County government Youth Services Bureau. She previously found success working with youth and adolescents transitioning out or are currently within the DCFS system. In this role, she worked with residents of the emergency shelter program, in developing appropriate social skills, life skills, and overall behavior management. In these positions, Cordelia was exposed to youth of different abilities and neurodiversity who were experiencing crisis. This has helped Cordelia develop a trauma-informed and person-centered approach that is inclusive of all backgrounds.

As a Social Skills Coordinator at CIP, Cordelia helps students cultivate and apply effective social strategies to real-life situations. Group and one-on-one sessions are used to effectively maintain and enhance social skills in a variety of contexts. Specific contexts include building and maintaining friendships and relationships, engaging with and participating in a community, and creating an understanding of common communication practices.

In Cordelia’s free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, or gardening. she also has a passion for everything related to art, you can find her creating or observing art in her time.

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