Aricka Tasabia, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Aricka Tasabia, B.A.

Aricka has worked in the field of Education, Autism, Administration, and Learning Differences for seven years. The positions consisted of a Site Coordinator for Reading Partners, a Teacher Assistant for the Child Development Center in San Jose, and is currently a Registered Behavioral Technician with Circle ABA. She previously found success working with Autism Learning Partners as well for some time. Throughout all of this, she has been able to help families and children empower themselves by practicing necessary daily skills to thrive independently.

As a Student Advisor at CIP, Aricka will continue to do her best to help those succeed in their transition to complete independence. Aricka has earned a BA degree in Psychology from San Jose State University and has been able to indulge in many different areas using her degree to see where the next steps take her.

When she’s not working at one job, she is either at another job or spending time with her rabbit and going on adventures. She also loves spending time with friends and family to experience trying new foods together. This usually leads to being able to enjoy laughs at comedy clubs and/or having movie nights.

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