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Opportunities for staff training and professional development in the fields of Autism and Learning Differences.

Dr. Michael McManmon, CIP Founder, Author, and Special Educator presenting

I’m Ready for… Series

Professional Trainings on College, Employment, and Independent Living Supports for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum, and with Learning Differences.

CIP’s “I’m Ready For…” series is a menu of training sessions offered to schools, organizations, and other institutions to generate awareness and improve the lives of those with Asperger?s and learning differences. The latest curriculum and methods from CIP?s 29 years of experience working with young adults with learning differences has been consolidated and made available to you.

Has been developed in part by Dr. Michael McManmon, Founder of the College Internship Program. Dr. McManmon has worked with students with Learning Differences and Asperger?s Syndrome for over 39 years. He has worked on curriculum development, staff training, program evaluation and administering community-based programming.

Presentations are available in 60-minute or 90-minute timeframes and are complimentary

I’m Ready for College – But Can’t Find My Backpack:

Effective Executive Functioning Strategies for Students with ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Description

    This session will review and teach executive functioning strategies and key areas of support that can help this growing population transition successfully to college.

    • Understand how a lack of strong executive functioning is a major reason why students fail in high school and college.
    • How to assist students in performing at an academic level that truly reflects their cognitive skills and abilities.
    • Learn effective intervention strategies to help these students succeed.

I’m Ready for College – But I Don’t Like Change:

10 Strategies to Help Your Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Transition to College

  • Description

    This session will review and teach 10 key areas of support that can help this growing population transition successfully to college.

    • Identify the supports many Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder students need when transitioning to college.
    • How to know if the student will be a good match for the colleges s/he is considering.
    • Foster emotional and cognitive flexibility.
    • Strategies and answers for a successful supported transition to college.

I’m Ready to Work – But I Need Help:

Strategies for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Transition to a Job & Keep it

  • Description

    This session will look at the necessary steps that lead to employment. Gaining employment is often a multi-step process that can take years.

    • Identify supports such as employment specialists, social thinking, and mentoring.
    • Understand abstract concepts such as office “water cooler, break time, or team collaboration.
    • Review behavior, sensory safe settings, workplace cultures, and the mindset necessary to succeed.

I’m Ready to Live On My Own – But Can’t Find My Keys:

Effective Executive Functioning Strategies for Students with ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Description

    This session will review and teach executive functioning strategies and key areas of support to transition successfully to work.

    • Understand how the brain develops through the teen years into adulthood.
    • Learn strategies to address challenges with planning ahead and staying organized to function effectively in everyday life.
    • Understand why a lack of strong executive functioning is a major reason leading to unemployment or underemployment.

Ready or Not Here I Come:

Strategies and Solutions for the Developmentally Young Student Who May or May Not Yet Be Ready for College

  • Description

    Learn the latest research on why 34% of freshmen drop out of college and why some are not yet ready to go to college. It’s high stakes emotionally and financially for a student to flounder, struggle, and fail due to not being developmentally or academically ready for the rigor and independence necessary to succeed in college. Find out what tools and assessments you can use beyond neuropsychological testing to guide your students and parents.

    Share the latest research with your parents on how best to support their student. Learn how in some cases alternate paths out of high school may be the “fastest” path in the long run for success and graduation from college.

Other Presentation Topics:

  • A College Curriculum for Students on the Spectrum
  • An Overview of Asperger’s and NLD
  • An Overview of Asperger’s and NLD Through Personal Stories
  • Supports Necessary for a Student with Learning Differences/ Asperger’s to Attend College
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Fostering Cognitive Flexibility
  • Career Supports for Learning Differences
  • Sensory Integration at College and Work
  • Understanding Your Diagnosis: The Power of Knowing
  • Pulling it All Together: Academic Executive Functioning Skills
  • Having a Shoulder to Lean On: Social Mentoring and Social Thinking
  • Feeling Fit, Groomed, and Fueled: Health and Wellness
  • Get a Job, Son: Internships and Community Service

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